ABBA 1973-1982: An Independent Critical Review (2 DVD + Book) Формат: 2 DVD (PAL) (Подарочное издание) (Digipak) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby Digital 2 0 Английский инфо 1719p.

От издателя This is the ultimate critical review of the music of Abba on record, on film and on stage Abba were hugely successful during the seventies and eighties, selling over 400 million records worldwidввдащe, and their music is still incredibly influential today, enjoying a massive popular renaissance through the worldwide influence of the stage phenomenon "Mamma Mia" Drawing on rare archive footage much of it unavailable on DVD, a leading team of music critiвнтнаcs and working musicians revisit and review every Abba album from the pre-Waterloo era through to The Visitors Also featured are the musicians from the stage show and Bjorn Again, who give their expert opinion and unique outlook on Abba's music The 48-page book features a comprehensive track-by-track analysis of every Abba album from 1973 to 1982, with many rare photographs of the band Features Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, The Winner Takes It All, Money Money Money, Fernando, Ring Riвтжтъng, Knowing Me Knowing You, Waterloo, Super Trooper, Chiquitita and many more Disc 1: ABBA: A Critical Review 1973-1976 Disc 2: ABBA: A Critical Review 1977-1982 The Book: A comprehensive track by track critical analysis of every Abba album from 1973-1982 Дополнительные материалы Издание оформлено в виде небольшой книги с фотографиями и информацией на английском языке Image Gallery Актер "ABBA" (Исполнитель) Шведская группа "ABBA" (название ансамбля составлено из первых букв имен участников ансамбля) образовалась в Стокгольме в 1971 году, и состав ее не изменялся: Агнетта Фальтског (вокал), Анни-Фрид Люндстад-Фредрикссон (вокал), Бьерн Ульвеус (гитара, .